noun (C) a narrow road with a rough surface, usually on a farm

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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  • cart-track — cartˈroad, cartˈ track or cartˈway noun A road or way used by or suitable for carts • • • Main Entry: ↑cart …   Useful english dictionary

  • cart track — n a narrow road with a rough surface, usually on a farm …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • cart track — noun any road or path affording passage especially a rough one • Syn: ↑track, ↑cartroad • Hypernyms: ↑road, ↑route • Hyponyms: ↑portage, ↑trail * * * ˈcart track …   Useful english dictionary

  • cart track — /ˈkat træk/ (say kaht trak) noun an undeveloped country road, often showing two separated tracks in grass, dirt, etc., caused by the wheels of the vehicles which use it …  

  • cart-track plant — noun common European perennial naturalized worldwide; a troublesome weed • Syn: ↑broad leaved plantain, ↑common plantain, ↑white man s foot, ↑whiteman s foot, ↑Plantago major • Hypernyms: ↑plantain * * * …   Useful english dictionary

  • cart — n. & v. n. 1 a strong vehicle with two or four wheels for carrying loads, usu. drawn by a horse. 2 a light vehicle for pulling by hand. 3 a light vehicle with two wheels for driving in, drawn by a single horse. 1 convey in or as in a cart.… …   Useful english dictionary

  • track — n. awareness 1) to keep track of (to keep track of expenses) 2) to lose track of 3) close track (to keep close track of smt.) course for racing 4) a fast; muddy; slow track 5) a cinder track; racetrack; running track path, road 6) a cart track… …   Combinatory dictionary

  • track — 1 noun 1 ROAD (C) a narrow road with a rough uneven surface that cars can travel on: The road leading to the farm was little more than a rough track. | a deeply rutted cart track 2 PATH (C) a narrow path, especially one made by people or animals… …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

  • cart-rake —  a cart track. Essex …   A glossary of provincial and local words used in England

  • cart — noun 1 vehicle pulled by animals ADJECTIVE ▪ heavy ▪ horse drawn ▪ bullock, donkey, ox, etc. ▪ farm …   Collocations dictionary

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